Heatless Bouncy Curlers
Heatless Bouncy Curlers
Heatless Bouncy Curlers
Heatless Bouncy Curlers
Heatless Bouncy Curlers
Heatless Bouncy Curlers

Heatless Bouncy Curlers

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Want to have stunning curly hair but your hair is already bad with many damages? To solve this dilemma, our Heatless Bouncy Curlers are great to provide amazing curly results with no heat damages and they are suitable for all hair types with different lengths..

With a simple pull & bounce, it is so easy to do it by yourself even you are a beginner. The retractable curler strap forms perfect and fancy curls and volumise your hair in just a few minutes. The curler straps are made of soft nylon which is comfortable to wear while sleeping. Great for all sleepyheads and wake up with beautiful curls!!


  • Easy To Use: The bouncy curlers just require a few simple pulls, it is easy & quick to do the stunning curly hair even for beginners.

  • No Heat Damages: Doing hairs with electronic heat curlers always results in dry and split-ends hair. Using this heatless curler strap lets your hair rest and recover from damages while still getting amazing curls.

  • Long-Lasting Perfect Curls: The bouncing curlers are retractable and they form long-lasting wavy curls in a natural way. You can put on some hair spray if you need it. 

  • Comfortable While Sleeping: The curler straps are made of high-quality nylon that are soft and comfortable. It is great to sleep for few more minutes and wake up with perfect curls.

  • Great For All Hair Types: There are various sizes for people in different hair lengths. It is also suitable for all hair types. 


  1. Thread the Styling Hook through the curler, and place the hair section into the hook. 
  2. Pull the hair all the way through the curler directly. 
  3. Keep the hair in the curler for a few minutes and all done.


  • Size & Quantity:
    9 PCS x 25 cm (extended)
    9 PCS x 15 cm (extended)
    2 PCS x Styling Hooks
    Super Long
    20 PCS x 75 cm (extended)
    2 PCS x Styling Hooks
  • 18/20 PCS x No Heat Magic Hair Curlers and Styling Hooks