Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes (10PCS)
Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes (10PCS)
Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes (10PCS)
Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes (10PCS)
Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes (10PCS)
Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes (10PCS)

Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes (10PCS)

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Now you can go braless while lifting your breasts and creating DEEP cleavage for the most natural, youthful body curve!
Invisible Breast Lifting Tapes invisibly concentrate and lift your breasts by pulling breasts up with hypoallergenic, latex-free self-adhesive tapes. Upgrade your cup size up to 5cm like a miracle! 
100% waterproof and sweatproof to prevent slipping down like traditional braless pads. Never worry about "turning back" to saggy breasts!
Universally fit A to E cups. They are also comfortable, painless to wear. A must-have fashion hack to wear backless, low cuts or V-neck dress with S-shaped body.


  • Best Breast Lifter
    Lifts and concentrates breasts and enhances cleavage to present your prefect body curve while preventing breast prolapse.
  • Braless and Comfortable
    Great when you need to go braless or your bra has no padding.
  • Perfectly Invisible
    Perfect to wear under t-shirts, sheer tops, tube tops, swimsuit, backless dresses and more.

  • Waterproof and sweat-proof
    Stay in place with strong viscosity, not easy to fall off.
  • Safe to Wear
    Hypoallergenic and latex-free, BPA-free and perfume-free. Especially perfect for neutral / oily skin.
  • Fits Most Breast Sizes
    Universally fits A, B, C, D and E Cups.

  • Free to Cut
    Able to trim to any shape/size to fit your outfit.
  • Easy to apply and no trace on your skin.


    1. Peel off the lower side of the backing.
    2. Apply the lower half just above nipple. (press it smooth to avoid wrinkles and or creases)
    3. Bend the top side down then peel away the rest of the backing.
    4. Use the upper half of the lift to lift breast into position.
    5. Press the upper half of the lift to your skin.
    6. Follow steps 1-5 on other breast.


    • Material: Hypoallergenic Adhesive
    • Color: Transparent
    • Size: 11.2 x 7.5cm
    Package Includes: 
    • 10 x Invisible Breast Lifting Pads 


    • Before Use: After cleaning the skin, Do not use moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to use, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive.