Lazy USB Cable Fan
Lazy USB Cable Fan
Lazy USB Cable Fan
Lazy USB Cable Fan
Lazy USB Cable Fan
Lazy USB Cable Fan
Lazy USB Cable Fan
Lazy USB Cable Fan

Lazy USB Cable Fan

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Enjoy Cool and Comfortable Working with Lazy USB Cable Fan Aside your Laptop even in Summer Time!

This snake-like mini fan is a USB powered port fan with 360° bendable, rotatable metal gooseneck. Ideal to plug in your desktop and laptop, creating stably strong wind to let you feel cool and fresh via working.

Easy to adjust fan position and wind direction, optimizing the blowing power and providing clear working area without obscuring your laptop screen. 


    • Ultra Flexible Neck
      360° Flexible gooseneck can adjust directions for easy positioning.

    • USB Interface
      Plug-and-play mode via USB port using low power consumption. No external power supply is needed.
    • Soft Fan Blades
      Ultra Soft and reliable EVA foaming blade keep you free from injuries.

    • Strong Wind Power
      Super strong wind with 2 fan leaf-shaped blades to maximum air flow. 
    • Plug-and-play Mode
      Keep fanning until you unplug the USB fan or turn off the Notebook or PC.
    • Low Noise Design
      Works in silent mode just like a friend quietly whispering. Effectively avoid disturbing your work/sleep. 
    • Compact and Lightweight
      USB fan can be placed in the laptop bag to any place.
    • Wide Compatibility
      Suitable for all devices with USB port, including iMac, PC, laptop, powerbank and so on.

    • Material: Stainless Steel cable,  EVA foaming blades
    • Size: 38 x 7cm
    • Powered by: USB port
    • Voltage: DC 5V
    • Output Power: 2.1W


    • 1 x Lazy USB Cable Fan