LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball
LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball
LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball
LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball
LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball
LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball

LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball

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Excessive energy and felt moody when staying home for a long time?

LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball is healthy and exciting game for children or parent to workout at home or indoor. It can improve their limbs coordination and bones growing by jumping with stable rhythm

Effectively enhance children to be quick-witted with more sensitive reaction. Also, sparkle LED illumination attracts children to do more exercise by the multi-color lighting


  • LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball
    Spin it around
    one skipping ankle and hop over the tethered flashing globe with the foot
  • Funny Kid Game
    Place one foot in the hoop and set the spinner skipping for a fun jumping game
  • Reaction Training
    Intensify children to be 
    quick-witted with sensitive reaction, also enhance limbs coordination
  • Help Growing 
    Enjoy jumping and dancing with the flashing light. Grow faster strongly by stimulating nerves foot 
    • Automatical Illumination
      Principle of automatic illumination, which is rotated by motion
    • LED Vibrant & Colorful Flashing
      Built-in LED lamp beads, it can emit cool and colorful light, especially at night
    • Enjoyable Exercise
      Release excessive energy and encourage kids an enjoyable cardio workout to do with parents
    • Prevent Getting Dull and Overweight
      Helps develop timing and fitness, and provides hours of active play
    • Durable & Safe
      Made of environmentally-friendly plastic material
    • Secure & High Quality
      No odor, lightweight
       safe and reliable. Thick sponge layer covers the buckle to protect your child's ankle from injury
    • Adjustable 
      Designed with switched-on and off ankle can prevent obstruction of ankle


      • Size: 16 x 62 x 9 cm
      • Material: PVC
      • Diameter of Ankle Buckle: 16cm


      • LED Flash Ankle Skip Ball